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Deer Stalking Scotland

Deer Stalking - Frequently Asked Questions

Everything else you want to know about deer stalking in Scotland

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Do I need a permit to hunt deer in Scotland?

It is illegal to hunt deer in Scotland without a permit, and stalkers are always on the look out for poachers. There are strict penalties for people caught poaching. Deer stalking must be arranged in advance by contacting a suitable Highland Estate and fees apply to stalk deer - these vary from place to place.

Should I bring my own rifle?

If you are bringing your own weapon, please consult with the estate to ensure it is suitable for stalking. Note that non-UK residents require a visitor's weapon permit this is normally arranged by the estate on request but can take over 6 weeks so don't delay! Another option is the estate's rifle, as you do not require a visitor's weapon permit for this.

When is a good time to come deer stalking in Scotland?

Red deer stalking in Scotland takes place between 1st July and 20th October each year, while the season for roe deer runs 1st April - 20th October for the roe deer bucks; and 21st October - 31st March for the roe deer doe. The weather is generally warmer and perhaps a bit drier in July and August and can become quite cool by October, with daytime temperatures of less than 10 degrees centigrade not uncommon - and it will be colder in the mountains! However, there are advantages to stalking in September and October. There are far less midges and flies (Scottish bugs!) and, from mid-September, the hills will echo to the haunting sound of the stags in rut.

Do I need to be fit to come deer stalking in Scotland?

You will need a reasonable degree of fitness to come red deer stalking, though less so for roe deer stalking. It is worth noting that the experience varies from estate to estate and upon the type of experience you are seeking. Although there are access roads for 4x4 vehicles on most estates, the stalk will involve some hiking over rough ground as you try to locate the deer. Conditions can be cold, wet and windy (although it is not always like that, despite what you may have heard!), so you need to be well equipped and prepared to be outside in such weather conditions.

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