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Deer Stalking Scotland

Roe Deer Stalking Scotland

All you've ever wanted to know about Roe Deer Stalking in Scotland

Roe Deer Buck in Scotland

Roe deer are found across Europe and are commonly found in Scotland. In fact, a recent survey has shown that there are now more roe deer in Scotland than there are red deer. Roe deer, which are smaller than red deer, live in forests andare secretive animals. This makes it difficult to estimate how many roe deer there are in Scotland, but a figure of around 400,000 is generally accepted. The roe deer population appears to be healthy and growing - as are the opportunities for roe deer stalking in Scotland.

Roe deer stalking is very different from red deer stalking, which takes place on open hillsides. Roe deer stalking is conducted mostly at dawn and dusk when roe deer are moving to and from cover into feeding areas. The stalk is conducted on foot and requires great stealth and patience. A good sense of of smell and keen eyesight are also vital. Great care is required and very often a shot has to be taken with a slightly obscured view of the deer.

Sometimes the shot is taken from an elevated seat placed to overlook deer paths or feeding points although stalking on foot is the more classic approach and is recommended for the overall deer stalking experience.

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Deer Stalking and the Environment

Deer can cause considerable damage to farm and timber crops, especially if their numbers exceed the available food supply in their woodland or hill habitat.To reduce such damage and to ensure that the population remains balanced and healthy, deer stalkers use rifles to cull individual animals. Those likely to be removed are the old and weak deer as well as some younger females to reduce the number of offspring produced that year.

Young males sometimes cause damage to forestry by fraying trees to mark their territories and their numbers may need to be reduced. A stalker must know his ground and the habits of the deer intimately. A prime consideration is to ensure that there is nothing that will deflect a bullet between him and his target and that there is a safe backstop to any shot he takes. Deer shot for 'trophies' - the antlers kept as a souvenir - are carefully selected in accordance with a herd management plan. They represent a very small percentage of the animals culled each year but provide valuable revenue for the estate and for the benefit of maintaining the herd as a whole.

To read the British Association for Shooting and Conservation's Deer Stalking Code of Practice, click here.

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