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Deer Stalking Scotland

Identifying Roe Deer

Roe Deer Appearance and Characteristics

Roe deer in Scotland

The male roe deer (or buck) is easily identified by its short antlers and markings on the head. The roe doe is smaller in size than the buck. In summer, the adult coat will be rich, foxy red. In winter, the hide darkens to brown or even black, with lighter undersides and a white rump patch. The tail is very short and barely visible. The roe deer's rump patch becomes white and expands to form a large circle when they are excited or alarmed.

The first and second set of antlers on a roe deer are unbranched and short - up to 10cm long. Healthy, older males, however, can grow antlers up to 25 cm in length with between two and four points. Roe deer are the only type of deer that can regrow their antlers during winter.

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