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Stalking, Hunting & Shooting News in Scotland

Deer Stalking in Scotland Brings £100m to Economy
A new report by SNH claims that the deer stalking industry in Scotland brings in an estimated £105 million to the Scottish economy each year. The figures form part of a report which details the value of the great outdoors to the Scottish economy.

However, with deer stalking said to bring in over £100m each year, there are sure to be calls from the industry to VisitScotland to start promoting Scotland as a world class destination for deer stalking and hunting.

You can read an article from The Scotsman by clicking here. If you have any comments on this piece, please email us and let us know!

New Code for Deer Stalkers Launched
The British Deer Society (BDS) has launched The Stalkers Code in response to the increase in newcomers to stalking and deer management. The code has been printed on a credit-card-sized waterproof plastic card and will the distributed by the BDS at game fairs and shows across the country as well as at Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 courses.

Deerstalking and conservation organisations have said that the idea should help to stamp out bad practice. However, many in the deer stalking community have said the code is too ambiguous to be of any use in the field. We would like to hear your thoughts!

To receive a free Stalkers Code, contact the BDS on 01425 655434.

Government Criticised For Misleadling Public
BASC Scotland has uncovered misleading guidance in the consultation document for the Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill.  The consultation states that ‘there have been three fatalities associated with deer stalking in the last four years’. Upon investigation by BASC Scotland, the Deer Commission for Scotland has now revised its guidance to state that ‘there have been three fatalities associated with the use of rifles in Britain in the last four years.’

BASC Scotland's spokesperson, said: "BASC's own research has now shown that the three fatalities referred to in the consultation document were not associated with deer stalking, deer stalkers or indeed Scotland. This means that the guidance given to the public in the consultation is misleading. The clarification now undermines the already weak evidence supporting the argument that deer stalking represents ‘a potential risk to public safety’.”

The bill hopes to reform the current deer legislation including the removal of the male close season and mandatory testing for stalkers.

Interview with Head Stalker in Knoydart

Holiday Accommodation for Stalking Holidays

Did you know that Deer Stalking Scotland can also help you find the perfect self-catering accommodation and holiday cottages for your stalking or hunting trip to Scotland. We work with one of Scotland's leading holiday homes agencies to offer you a full selection of cottages to let. Click here to view holiday cottages

New Photo of White Deer Stag in Highlands

Highland photographer Sean Sessions has released a new photograph of the 'mythical' white stag which was seen in the Highlands in February this year. Sean has been kind enough to share this image with us (below).

White deer stag in Scotland

Sean runs a small business called Roughburn Photographic and has many superb images of stags in the Highlands. If you would like to buy an image from him, perhaps as a memento of your last stalking trip, you can contact Sean on 01397 732 331.

Wanted: Your Hunting and Stalking Stories!

Now that the red deer hind stalking season and the roe deer doe hunting seasons are underway, we are looking for stories of your hunts during the recent stag /buck season to keep us going until next year! Please email us with tales of your hunt, succesful or otherwise! The best stories will be published on our website!

Rare White Stag Spotted in Scotland

A rare white stag has been spotted in a secret location of the West Highlands of Scotland. In a rare piece of TV footage, the stag was caught on camera film as it ran across a hillside with a herd of red deer.

The beautiful white stag is a mythical animal in ancient Scotland and were considered by the Celts to be messengers from the underworld. A similar white stag in England was killed by poachers and locals hope that the stag spotted in the Highlands this week will be able to escape a similar fate.

For more details, click here

Unlikely Road Trip for Lucky Muntjac Deer

A tiny muntjac deer survived a 25-mile road trip, wedged into the front of a car, after the driver failed to notice that he had struck the animal - he thought he had just driven over a rock.

On arrival at his work, one of the driver's colleagues pointed out the stowaway. Remarkably, the lucky deer, which normally grow to a maximum height of 45cm, was relatively unscathed by the ordeal. After being examined by vets, it was released back into the wild the same day.

To read the full story, click here.

Kate Middleton takes up Deer Stalking!
We hear that deer stalking is now a prime past-time of Prince William's girlfriend, Kate Middleton. Reports say that she is already a keen shot but that she will improve further with a new set of sights bought for her by the Prince as a Christmas gift.

A set of Royal antlers will surely be a priority for this celebrity stalker! It is surely only a matter of time before she strides out onto the Scottish hillsides on a traditional deer stalk. Welcome to the club, Kate!

And as well as Kate, word has it that Conservative party leader David Cameron also visits Scotland on deer stalking holidays. We'd be interested to hear his views on the increasing red and roe deer populations in Scotland. Maybe his participation in deer stalking is his early contribution to reducing deer numbers in Scotland. Time will tell!

Debate Rages on over White Roe Deer
A rare white roe deer has sparked a row after it emerged that the right to shoot it will be sold to the highest bidder. Kevin Stuart, who owns the stalking rights to the estate in Galloway where it has been spotted, apparently hopes to be paid up to 6,000 for the hunt when the roe hunting season begins in April.
However, animal rights groups have hit out at plans to shoot the rare deer, which is said to be a genetic throwback rather than an albino. The white roe deer was first spotted by Dave Bartle who managed to photograph the deer.
We would like to hear your opinions on this hot topic! Should the white deer be protected, or is it fair for Kevin Stuart to offer it to the highest bidder? Please email us with your views and we will publish them here!
Some of your comments so far:
"Nothing positive can possibly come from this, as a hunter myself I don't want the Anti-Hunting Campaigners galvanised by the killing of the Roe, which will surely happen if this goes ahead. This just could be the thing that spurs their movement to push on for a total Deer Stalking ban. Is it worth it for a genetic throwback?"
S. Smith
"Don't beleive all you read in the papers, “When I photographed this deer I could easily have shot it countless times as I watched it for over 45 minutes, but did not. We sporting shooters do not kill everything that moves, contrary to popular belief.”
Dave Bartle - who took the photographs of the white roe deer
"I think it is in no way wrong for this white Roe Buck to be shot - at the end of the day we as deer stalkers are here not only to fulfill our hobby and passion, but to control the deer population and assist in keeping a healthy balanced population of deer, which they can not do themselves. In this day and age, there are far too many coffee table conservationists and interfering busy bodies wanting to interfere with all aspects of country life which they have absolutely no idea as to what is what."
F. Donald
To read the Daily Telegraph article about the deer, click here.

From South Ayrshire to South Africa!

A leading Scottish deer stalking company is going global by offering customised hunting trips in South Africa. South Ayrshire Stalking is a family run business located near Girvan on the west coast of Scotland. However, after several visits to South Africa, they are now offering an altogether different hunting experience.

Hunting holiday in South Africa

The hunting trips are fully inclusive of hunting and fishing in a truly wild region of South Africa, based around the Eastern Cape and Transkei. This is a coastal area so you don't need much in the way of vaccinations!

South Ayrshire Stalking specialises in providing a personalised package, for small groups of friends/families from 2 to 8 people (children welcome). The areas visited are remote, privately owned and well off the beaten track for hunters. Please contact Chris for quotes and prices. Sample packages are listed below:

Hunting Break: 8 day break with 5 days hunting (morning and evening outings), 5 animals included per hunter - 1500 per hunter all inclusive.

Fishing Holiday in South Africa

Hunting & Fishing Break: 10 day break with a mixture of 2/3 days hunting and 4 days fishing, combined with safari game viewing - 1650 per hunter all inclusive; or 1100 per non hunting/fishing guest.

The above sample packages include everything from food/drink, accommodation, airport collections and rifle hire if required - you simply need to organise flights.

Or visit the South Ayrshire Stalking website here.

Need Some Target Practice?

Sporting shooters in the UK will now be able to sharpen their skills with the same state-of-the-art shooting simulator that the Russian and Slovakian Olympic shooting teams are using ahead of the Beijing Games this year.

The system has been brought to the UK through an exclusive partnership between the Swedish company Marksman Training Systems and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC).

The ST-2 covers a range of rifle and shotgun disciplines with realistic animations and scenarios to help everyone hone their skills. The diagnostics can identify several common shooting faults and provide instant feedback on why or where you missed or hit the target.

BASC will be demonstrating the ST-2 at a number of events throughout the year, including seminars, Young Shots days, game fairs and improve-your-shooting days. BASC will also help Marksman Training Systems develop their ST-2 with innovative hardware and software for the UK market.

If you would like further information on events where the simulator will be showcased please contact the BASC shooting standards team on 01244 573018.

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